Torfaen Sprint Relays Race Information

Wednesday 19 th June 7 pm
The Olive Tree, Cwmbran, NP44 2JJ


  1. Please try to car share wherever possible, as there is limited parking.
  2. There is parking outside the Olive Tree which you will be directed to by marshals.
    N.B. There will be no entry or exit to the car park once the race is in progress.
  3. Overflow parking can be found at Cwmbran Train Station (2 min walk) or free car
    parks within Cwmbran town centre.


  1. HQ will be held in the main room of the Olive Tree.
  2. Team race numbers can be collected only by Team Managers.
  3. There will be limited toilet facilities available at the Olive Tree.
  4. Baggage can be left in the Olive Tree during the race, but it will not be supervised; so left at your own risk.

Start/Transition/Finish Area

  1. The start and finish for each relay leg will start at the same point outside the Olive Tree.
  2. When running into the finish/transition area, incoming runners must stay to the left.
  3. Outgoing runners will join the transition area on the right-hand side. Runners must not cross into the incoming runner’s path and cause obstruction. Obstruction of other runners may lead to disqualification.
  4. The incoming runner will pass over the finish line where their finishing time will be recorded.
    This will also be the start time for the outgoing runners.
  5. The incoming runner must continue over the finish line into the transition box area, where he will pass the baton onto the outgoing runner. The passing of the baton must be completed before the end of the marked transition box area. The incoming runner must not pass over this line.
  6. Once the incoming runner has passed the baton to the outgoing runner, they must exit the course via the finishing funnel on the left, as directed by marshals.
  7. Please ensure that you remain in your finish order as you enter the finishing funnel to ensure the correct time is allocated to your run.
  8. No runners must cross over the course or return to the transition area. This may incur disqualification.


  1. Teams of 4 runners. Each team member will be allocated a race no marked with A, B, C or D.
  2. Runners must run in the order declared on the entry.
  3. Club colours must be worn, where appropriate.
  4. Numbers must be worn on the front.
  5. The team will be provided with a baton which must be passed to each runner at the end of each lap within the marked transition area.
  6. Runners A will start the race on mass.
  7. Only the next runner to run is permitted to wait in the “runner holding area” which will
    be marked and marshalled.
  8. Marshalls will call the number of the incoming runner to ensure that the outgoing
    runner is waiting in the transition area.
  9. All other runners must remain in the warmup area on the playing fields until their race leg is next.

Will take place in race HQ as soon shortly after the last finisher has finished.

  1. Refreshments will be available in the Olive Tree after the race.
  2. There will be awards for the following categories:
    a. Senior Male (Up to 159 years combined)
    b. Senior Female (Up to 139 years)
    c. Senior Mixed (Up to 149 years)
    d. Vet Male (160+)
    e. Vet Female (140+)
    f. Vet Mixed (150+)
    In addition, there will be cash prizes for:
    g. Fastest Male to complete the course
    h. Fastest Female to complete the course

1.96-mile anti-clockwise loop of the park, on flat tarmac.

Run under WA Rules
Race License No: 2019-37737